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General FAQ:

Q. does iJangle need to be connected to the internet?

A. no internet connection is required for operation of the applications, ijangle is not a web based application, no internet connection is made at any time whilst using it.

Q. will iJangle interfere with my mobile phone in any way?

A. no, iJangle does not alter any settings on your mobile phone, only a small amount of essential application data will be stored to record the ijangle settings you have chosen i.e. background style, sound on/off, which music key you are using etc.

iJangle handles incoming texts, bluetooth & other communications whilst in operation by pausing and alerting the user as appropriate.

Q. will the audio files be compatible with my phone ?

A. yes, all iJangle audio is midi based and therefore supported almost universally.

Q. whats the best screen size for iJangle ?

A. A minimum screen resolution of 176x 200 is recommended, most devices in the last 5 years have at least this size, iJangle works best on a screen size of 240 * 320 or larger.

Q. Can i download the apps to my pc.

A.A. ijangle apps are not available for direct to pc download at this time..

Q. will it work on my Blackberry ?

A. oh yes ! iJangle will work on any Blackberry device running OS 4.2 or later.

Q. will it work on the iPhone ?

A. not quite yet, iJangle is Java based software, Java support and even flash is strangely prohibited on the iPhone - officially (although it can be implemented unofficially ;-). Support is planned for iPhone and iPad in the near future. Stay tuned.


Q. will it work on my Android iPhone ?

A. yes and no , iJangle may work on your Android phone with the J2me runner for Android plugin, further support is planned very soon to enable use without any plugin. Stay tuned.


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